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“A 2,000km cycling adventure done
for the love and preservation of
nature as a nonprofit”


The Story

The Story

Ever since I was a little boy
I have been fascinated by nature and
its beautiful wonders.

This led me to travel to over 30
countries by planes, buses, cars and

In doing so I realized that by using
these forms of transportation I was
hurting that of what I love most...


In a 48hrs I’ll be starting #CruisingThe
If is there anything I learn everyday fr
Time and time again I’ve experienced tha
I am still trying to get my head around
The further I travel north, the harder i
What a journey it has been to get to thi
Somethings in life can be appreciated mu
I wonder sometimes in moments like these
Even in the brightest of days, we need t

This lead me to cycle 2,000 km
through Sweden and Norway.

To reach my next destination,
I’d have to put some effort
into it.

Not only that but also raise money
for charities who focus on natures
preservation and also in creating
lasting change.

A way to keep paying it forward
to nature. 

Cruising the Aurora is the name of
the story of this journey.

This is the story of the lessons
learned, the things experienced,

the discovery of our true potential,..

and my way of giving back to nature.



The objective was to ride 2000 km, gather donations of five EUR per kilometer (every person could contribute as many kilometers as they wanted) for a grand total of 10,000 EUR. 



This book is my way of paying it forward to nature. I decided that I would raise money for charities and for the creation of this book.


The 80% of the donations went to these charities: 

SeaLegacy , 

The Sierra Club Foundation , 

Oceans Conservancy

One Percent for the Planet 


 The other 20% went to the process of printing and publishing the book.  


All the profits from this book will go straight back to those charities I chose. As long as this book is sold, this trip and this book will keep giving back to nature.


With a huge objective like this, I know that this trip will not only change my life but also spark a change in others and create awareness of the impact we are having on our environment. 


This book doesn’t aim to guilt-trip anyone or to encourage people to stop traveling. No.


This book is meant to inspire, to help preserve what’s still left of our planet by seeing how beautiful it is and how much we can learn from it. 


Every little bit counts!

Thank you for considering donating! 
If you've either read my book or would just like to support the project, now you can choose who to donate to.

Here are your options:

"No acts of kindness,
no matter how small,
is ever wasted"
- Aesop


It doesn't matter who you choose nor how much you donate. For me it's quite humbling to know that I've inspired you to donate.

I can express how grateful I am, if you'd like me to know you've donated through this project you can do so here:



See what others are saying about it on Good Reads!

If you already read the book, click on "write a review"  and leave your thoughts!

About the Author

I am a landscape photographer originally from Mexico.

When I was a kid I used to watch hours upon hours of National Geographic documentaries as well as the Discovery Channel. Watching Steve Irwin get to travel and find and interact with different creatures just sparked my curiosity and love for our planet.

Around 2009 I got my first DSLR camera which I used for going around to take pictures of sunsets, clouds and whatever bug or animal I could find.


I started taking photography passionately around 2016. Before then I was a passionate business graduate who wanted to make a lot of money in finance and sales. However, life steered me clear from that path and straight on to a more creative one.

I am grateful that today I get to share my passion with you and that by doing that I am helping out our planet.

This is a dream come true.

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