About - Antonio Cabrero


Face after rolling on the snow in Iceland

Brief background

Antonio Cabrero is well traveled adventure and outdoor photographer. Before perusing his career as a photographer, Antonio received a BA in International Business Management and was working in a financial institution earning him a five figure income at 24 years of age. After the a tragic personal life event, Antonio was left to reevaluate his career path.

On 2017 he decided to begin a world trip that would set tone for his new career choice and long passion, photography.

"As a kid I used to watch hours of National Geographic documentaries and Steve Irwin's show. I dreamed to one day travel, see and experience nature first hand, and possibly become a NatGeo, photographer"

Since this decision Antonio has had the opportunity to be in over 30 countries and collaborated with two brands to start off his new life. On the road ever since then, now Antonio's base... well it's wherever he is.

In Action

Antonio is known to deliver great quality and above expectation results. With his passion for outdoor sports, adventure and landscapes, he is well able to blend all the elements in a swift shutter click. 

"In a sense, it is more than just a  job, is a passion, it is my art and unique perspective to capture this ever changing world", says Antonio.

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