Cruising the Aurora - Antonio Cabrero

Cruising The Aurora

A photographic cycling journey creating a lasting impact in our environment

The Story

Have you ever had a dinner party that started around sunset, you are chatting with some friends being social, like you are supposed to. Then one of your friends that was in your group interrupts everyone saying "oh look at that light!" and walks away? Well that would be me.

Ever since I have a sense of memory, I've been deeply moved by nature. How light perfectly contrast with shadows to shape everything we see. How it diffracts in the tiny particles in the air to create colors that elegantly compliments and contrast each other.

As can be seen in the galleries to the left, I traveled to different parts of this earth to experience the beauty that surrounds us. Every day as exhilarating as the other. However, after traveling by planes, trains, buses, boats, etc... to capture these beautiful landscapes. I realized that I have done a terrible thing, and that was contributing to damaging that of what I most love.

Feeling ashamed and disappointed with myself I started to ask myself "how could i undo the damage done? how can i make a difference in what i have done?". The truth is that I cannot revert the damage caused, but what I can do is to challenge myself into paying it forward to nature.

That's where Cruising the Aurora came to life.

The Project

What I am going to do is cycle with Aurora (my bike) in a photographic journey from Löttorp, Sweden all the way to Reine, Norway. Challenging myself physically and mentally. We will be covering around 2,000 km and we seek to raise donations along the way of 5 EUR per kilometer traveled for a grand total of 10,000 EUR.

To donate click HERE, you can donate what you are comfortable with.

UPDATE: The actual distance covered will be 3,621km you can see the bike route here

Funds allocation:

- 80% of the gathered funds will be distributed to the 4 charities that best align with my vision and passion towards nature: SeaLegacy, The Sierra Club Foundation, Oceans Conservancy & One Percent for the Planet

- 20% of the funds will go to me to cover the cost of using GoFundMe fees for the use of services  (6-8% from the amount raised). The other percentage will be used to create a photographic book from this journey. 100% of the profits from that book will go straight to the charities previously mentioned. Essentially your donation will contribute, not ones but as many times as the book is sold. This is how we create lasting change!

- 0% of the funds will go to cover my needs. This trip is self funded. I worked for 2 months as a dishwasher to make it possible.

Start & end dates:

I am starting my journey in the end of August and hope to finish it by mid October, which is when I expect to raise the funds.

How to keep up?

If you would like to keep up with the journey while its happening you can follow my story on Instagram @antonio.cabrero or the hashtag #CruisingTheAurora Or through PolarSteps for    location tracking: Here

If you love nature and believe this is a worthy cause please share it with those you love. Thank you for your time and your support! It is deeply appreciated!



This journey is powered by RAVPower, who's solar panels allow me to charge my essential devices using renewable energy while also helping me leave no damaging footprint to our environment’s health.

Project Partners:

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