About Photographer - Antonio Cabrero

About Photographer

Why Photography?

Growing up, my childhood hero wasn't Batman nor Superman, mine was Steve Irwin. He had one mission;  to go to all these different corners of the earth to teach about and expose how beautiful and fascinating all animals were. I couldn't agree more. I watched tons of hours of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic (NatGeo), that I decided then that I wanted to be a NatGeo Photographer.

It was until I was 19 that my mom got me my first digital DSLR. By then, my dreams of being a NatGeo  photographer had been tucked away.  Now I was  pursuing a hobby that  would help me pursue Graphic Designer career. In the end I went to business school, further drowning my dream of pursuing a life of excitement, effortless beauty and creativity.

However, on 2016 my dad passed away unexpectedly and I was left to reevaluate my life's direction and purpose. So in April of 2017 I embarked on a trip  that would set the tone for the rest of my days, because I had decided then to become that person who I always dreamed to become. A photographer. 

What's my photography's mission?

To evoke a sense of presence in the picture. My pictures must steal you from reality and take you to that exact moment I took that picture. As if you belong to that place. As if you are looking at it with your own eyes.

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